Zoni Stein is an American Entrepreneur, Author , Inventor and Life Coach. Zoni is mainly known for his Wearable Towel invention made in 2008 also known as CHICTON or Tunic Style Garment .


Zoni Stein also invented omniramic pictures frames, caste desks, wine bottles, to system and method telephone operational systems that can be seen next to companies like IBM Google Sprint all the Fortune 500 companies .


He founded king Solomon university in the year 2015 at Miami Florida and the board of the ZONI STEIN project in 40 languages helping entrepreneurs around the world by bringing their ideas.


Videos of Zoni Stein in private jets and millions of dollars in different cars can be seen on YouTube along with bags of bars of gold .

Zoni Stein has written over 3,000 books on all different topics. Most notably the world’s largest cookbook comprising of over 55,000 recipes .


Here are some important links on internet related to Zoni Stein –


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